Each design is singular and limited in availability-- no two cufflink pairs are exactly the same.

A Note From Our Founder, Richard King

Having collected watches all my life, I started dismantling my more redundant ones in my adulthood, purely out of curiosity. This unveiled some singularly complex workings within the pieces. As a collector of cufflinks, I had become bored by their designs, so I decided to see if I could create something that nobody else had. The complexity within elegant timepieces is truly unappreciated, and I wanted to allow people to consider it.

It all Started As A Hobby

What started as a personal hobby grew into a collection until a colleague at work asked where I bought my cufflinks from. When I told him that I designed and made them, he bought them off my wrist then and there. Thus, Time Tailored was born. With further prompting I decided to create an online presence and design my next wave of hand-crafted products, establishing a reputation for top-flight craftsmanship in every product I sell.

Complexity & Detail

For over five years, I have been diligently working on designing and building new cufflink pairs. The complexity and detail in the craftsmanship of manual mechanical watch movements, as well as the gems hidden within vintage watch timepieces, can now be shared on one's wrist. The Time Tailored range of watch movement cufflink pairs take three days to produce by hand. All are unique by design and thus limited in availability. No two pairs are the same.